Code of Conduct

  1. This is an adult group created by adults for adults. Players under 16 should not apply.
  2. The language used in game and on our Discord server will reflect our adult nature. If “colorful language” offends you or you are too young to hear such things, then this is not the guild for you.
  3. HOWEVER, we will ban hammer the hell out of you for racist, derogatory, sexist, prejudice or other things that are not accepted. The leaders of Crimson Vanguard will make all final decisions on what has crossed that line.
  4. We are all here to be friends and have fun playing Overwatch. If you are unable to accomplish this or affect another’s ability to do the same, we will ask you to move on.
  5. While representing Crimson Vanguard, you are not allowed to throw games or intentionally lose to get a lower SR. You are allowed to surrender, such as “We are getting our asses handed to us and this is not fun. Let them win so we can go on to the next map.” That is quite different than intentionally trying to lose a match.